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Zombie Hunter Offline Games, an action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! And if you’re looking for shooting zombie game to play anytime and anywhere, without the internet, without paying to win, why don’t try our ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games?
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Zombies have long been an interesting subject for people. Thousands of movies and hundreds of games have been created on this topic. Their mystical nature and out–of–the–world personalities attract people more than anything.

Although some people find these flesh-eating beasts disgusting, most are mesmerized by the idea of living in a zombie Hunter mod apk land where they can combat this imaginary creation.

If you, too, love zombies, you might have played a few relevant games in the past. However, some crucial points are shared among all the games, for example:

  • Most zombie games revolve around the same old story that keeps getting boring with time.
  • All these games become relatively less challenging as you progress to the high levels.
  • They all follow almost the same interface and gameplay. 
  • Zombies are easy to kill in most of these games.
  • People began to lose interest in these games due to their monotonous routines.

However, Zombie Hunter is not a typical zombie game. It comprises more fun, challenge, and excitement. You will love the following elements of fun in this game.

Zombie Hunter Mod APK

Thrilling Story

Soon after entering the game, you find yourself and your companions trapped in a zombie world. As your character gains consciousness, he learns that he and his friends are the only humans who have survived the zombie apocalypse so far. Now, they must learn to use several weapons and kill the blood-thirsty creature. Can you defeat the army of enemies (Who are all dead, by the way) to claim the land?

  • Creepy Atmosphere:

The environment in the game can creep you out. It is filled with mystery, fear, and rage. Death seems to be singing songs and dancing around. Blood is flowing through streets and rivers instead of water. Eerie voices coming out of the enemies’ mouths are unbearable. With every moment that passes, death takes a step further toward you. It does not seem possible to survive such a harsh atmosphere.

Zombies with Different Powers:

The most exciting and challenging thing about this game is the zombies are different. They all have several shapes, varying bodies, and different powers. Some are weaker and easy to kill, while others give you a hard time. Some creatures fight barehanded, while others have learned to use advanced weapons. One minute murdering a zombie seems to be a piece of cake. The other minute, you want to run away from the hostile environment.

Zombie Hunter Mod APK

  • Several Weapons:

The only thing that keeps your hopes up is the variety of weapons. The game proffers several heavy and light weapons. For example, you can use shotguns to murder punier zombies, and to kill the mighty ones; you will need a machine gun or sniper rifle. Furthermore, as you progress in the game, new arsenals can be unlocked with your earned points. Upgrading your weapons is also a necessary task because, on entering new levels, you will need sophisticated weapons. 

Effects of Vaccine Z

Zombies are not the only problem in Zombie Hunter. There is another increasingly problematic issue. At the story’s beginning, Dr. Akasha, who survived the apocalypse, succeeded in making vaccine Z. Initially, the results were promising, and more people were administrated. Maybe you like this similar Games Battle of Warship Mod APK .

However, soon it turned out that the vaccine was showing adverse side effects. Instead of killing the harmful pathogen, it turned people into several types of zombies. So, you will face a new breed every time you enter a new level. 

Explosive Zombies

The game is filled with challenges. When you start playing, you will come to know that you are facing the worst zombie apocalypse ever. These beasts are not the usual ones you see in movies. Rather they are impossible to defeat if you show them your weak points.

On the one hand, you can control weapons only. On the other hand, you have explosive zombies approaching you. Now, you will have to kill these zombies before they reach your proximity. Otherwise, the explosion will make you and your friends one of them, and the game will be over for you.

Zombie Hunter Mod APK

Several Outfits and Challenges

The game proffers many challenges and outfits. The outfits are fabulous, and you will long to use them in reality. On the other hand, challenges will keep you engaged and captivated. Hence, it will keep you from leaving your place while playing the game. 


Who is zombie hunter?

Zombie Hunter is a courageous hero who knows to kill zombies with valor.

Is Zombie Hunter a good game?

Yes, Zombie Hunter is an engaging game.

How is zombie hunter based on a true story?

No, Zombie Hunter is not based on a true story.

Is zombie hunter an offline game?

Yes, you can play the game offline. 

What's new

- New Skin Crate: opportunities to earn Hero Skin fragments.
- Renovated Filter Drone and Upgrade Hero.
- Fix bugs.
Have feedbacks? Let us know at https://fb.com/ZombieHunter.VNG



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